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The Italian Horn Amulet is very important to my family.

Casting the mano cornuto is something we do to ward off evil.

In Italian we call the symbol of pointing the pinky, pointer finger and thumb, the mano cornuto. It means the horned hand. Making this gesture will protect you from the ‘evil eye’ (malocchio). If you cast the mano cornuto upon another you will project the ‘evil eye’ outward. Some believe there is a link between the horned animal head gesture and ancient worship of a Neolithic-era mother- or fertility-goddess whose consort was a male deity sometimes called the Horned God.
In Hinduism and Buddhism, this gesture is known as the Karana Mudra.
It is used in dispelling evil or negative influences.

The Horn is the symbol of the Goddess. The women of my family could tame lions with ease. You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of this powerful gesture.

From one witch to another,
Let this Corno protect you always as you walk through the dangers of this life and the next.
Love, Sarah

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The Corno