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tattoo design, custom drawing
Mother with Children and Butterflies
Tattoo design for Robin Ross
Tattoo done at The Constable Tattoo, Plainfield.

Custom Tattoo design for Robin Ross (BlissfulBirthsandBabies)

I do custom drawings for $100.00-$500.00 dollars depending on size .
Each custom design includes a free consultation, where client can write a description about what they want to express, and some background about themselves, written accounts of dreams, or life events to be expressed.If it is a portrait of family or friends, I ask for some photo references as well.

I then complete 2 to 3 drafts showing progress of artwork, once approved by client I send completed drawing via digital file to be used for any purpose. I also create a print of the drawing and ship directly to your door.

A great gift . A drawing of your children, your family, your dreams etc.

Orders can be made through my GothMamaSarahGrana Etsy page